Downloadable tenant forms

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We have been spending a lot on ink by handing out prospective tenant credit applications at house showings.  ?Many we do not hear from again. I do not have a web site of my own yet.  Is there a free way to post PDF forms prospective tenants can download?  

Steve, I use a FREE WEBSITE called   You can have as many websites as you wish...all free.  Easy to use.  Easy upload.  

Nancy Neville

Hello Steve,

I charge to hand out my applications.  If a prospective tenant wants to fill out an application, I tell them it's $35 my cost to run their background/credit check.  The serious ones pay the fee upfront.  The ones that aren't don't bother.

I also apply the $35 towards their deposit, pending they are approved.

This is one way I save on ink.