Boston MA - Yard Clean up\ maintenance companies

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I am looking to hire someone to do bi-weekly cleanup, grass cutting, basic yard maintenance on a property in Boston/Dorchester MA.  I am looking to pay around 30 - 35.00 per service visit.  Does anyone know anyone who does that?  I would also hire the person for snow removal in winter

put it on CL and you will get 24 replies within 4 hrs since people are working during the day

if you put it at 7pm, you will get 40 replies within 30 mins.

true story.

Your best bet would be to drive the neighborhood a couple times per week and see who neighbors are using and have that company give you a price. They are already in the area so picking up a new lawn would be beneficial for them and maybe get you a little better price. 

Good luck @William Nohmor

Update on this - I had a really bad experience in Boston trying to find contractors for this type of work on craigslist.  Even though I stated my requirements carefully, there were a lot of people seeking day work, people with no equipment, people who seemed very flaky, and almost noone with an actual landscaping company. The 2 serious replies I did get were way overpriced.  I had a different experience with Craigslist in Delaware recently(same topic) and it worked out great.  Go figure.