Plumbing Cost to Secure Sink Drain to Vent Stack

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My property manager had a plumber out to clear a bathroom sink clog. He detected a faint odor in the bathroom when he originally walked in. As he investigated further, he noticed that the drain line for the sink that goes into the wall, connecting the vent stack, was not secured. They were able to clear the p-trap under the sink but will need to cut into the wall to reconnect the drain properly. The plumber bid the repair at $935 to correct the plumbing connection in the wall and has now lowered it to $735.

Does this sound like a reasonable price to reattach one drain to the vent stack in the Dallas area (Arlington to be exact)? It seems a little pricey to me. I'd be willing to pay a premium to have my property manager handle all of this but it doesn't seem like it would take a plumber more than 1 hour to complete this repair.

While I have no experience with plumbing in Texas, it does sound like they are building in some contingency time.  My concern here is that pipes just don't "disconnect" on their own so they might be worried about what they'll see in the wall once opened? Do they need to run a whole new vent stack?

Thanks for the reply Chris.

I had some foundation repairs done after I purchased the house so I am thinking the shifting foundation could have caused the drain to be dislodged from the vent stack. But I thought the worst case scenario would be a total dislodged connection - I'm sure if a whole new vent stack is needed they would ask for more money. 

I have had some plumbers quote high prices for work inside units that are tenant occupied.   If you have time you should try to get another quote.  If you had a larger property management company, they might have someone on staff to do this work.   Good luck.  

Are they fixing the wall too? The quote seems very high. Figure $75/$100 per hour in labor and maybe $100 at most in parts of they switch over the stack to PVC. I assume it's cast iron now. I replaced a cast iron old stack and it took me an hour and about $75 in parts plus some dry wall and mud.

That's high.  A $3 zip it would have cleared the trap.  I won't comment where the smell is coming from.  

A hole in the wall under a sink (that can be patched with contact paper and a rubber boot for the stack is not that much.  An hour and an $8 part.   Glad I do stuff myself!