Cleaning off grafitti

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I have a bit of graffiti on a brick wall that I need to remove. What have you found that works best for you? Which products have you used that worked? I'm trying not to use muriatic acid if I can avoid it.

@Lee Carrell Welcome to BiggerPockets!

Have you heard of a product called "Graffiti Eraser"?

My handyman takes care of it but he told me that he was referred to various different products from city workers. Find the city workers in your area that would be cleaning it off of city property and ask them what they are using.

Thanks I appreciate the info!

@Lee Carrell

My 9 to 5 job is construction management. Cities often spray a wax - like product on walls and areas that get frequently tagged. Makes for easy cleanup.

And, by the way, you are tremendously helping your community by quickly removing the graffiti. You're doing a wonderful thing.

@Lee Carrell - What about sand blasting? I imagine that it would remove the paint without damaging the brick.

I found out that a group here called Operation Brightside works with the City of St. Louis to remove graffiti for no charge to homeowners!

Operation Brightside did a great job on the graffiti! They sandblasted the brick with very fine sand that took it right off and left the color of the brick intact. They even sprayed over some graffiti that was on the streetlight pole. Everything looks great now!

I kind of miss reading 'PeeWee and Booda - the wig slittas' on the pole, but not really!

Thanks Operation Brightside!

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