Bronx Handyman

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Does anyone have a handyman they can recommend in the Bronx, NY. 


Hi @Justin Braithwaite   seems like you just joined BP.  Welcome! I am newer so am limited on my connections but i suggest adding handy man, New Jersey and Connecticut.  Some else might have a connection.  I would suggest you set up some key word alerts  so you know if someone else post about handyman.

Keyword Alerts

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Good advice @Angel Rosado .

@Justin Braithwaite , welcome to BP. People here are eager to help out and share their experience. 

If you're going to start with an ask, you'll have more success if you invest a little effort and finish your profile. 

People are more likely to interact with you when you're not a generic avatar.

Good luck!

Yes, I know a great handyman to recommend. What do you need done?

Hi justin.

We do maintenance in the Bronx for few years now. we work with few handyman for our properties maintenance.

What kind of work are you looking for..?

Basic handyman stuff. No plumbing or electrical. 

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