Bronx Handyman

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Does anyone have a handyman they can recommend in the Bronx, NY. 


Hi @Justin Braithwaite   seems like you just joined BP.  Welcome! I am newer so am limited on my connections but i suggest adding handy man, New Jersey and Connecticut.  Some else might have a connection.  I would suggest you set up some key word alerts  so you know if someone else post about handyman.

Keyword Alerts

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Good advice @Angel Rosado .

@Justin Braithwaite , welcome to BP. People here are eager to help out and share their experience. 

If you're going to start with an ask, you'll have more success if you invest a little effort and finish your profile. 

People are more likely to interact with you when you're not a generic avatar.

Good luck!

Yes, I know a great handyman to recommend. What do you need done?

Basic handyman stuff. No plumbing or electrical. 

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