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I focus most of my time on real estate.  I left the practice of law a few years ago.  I was doing small pieces of big cases in commercial litigation.  My job was extremely research intensive and involved too little people contact.  I felt chained to a desk in a library.  

But I am kicking around the idea (largely inspired by posts here), of starting a part-time landlord practice.  But I am not sure if it is too narrow of a focus to be profitable or worth my time.  So my question is for landlords.  How much does your lawyer charge for an eviction?  How often do you use that service?  It seems like good landlords only rarely have to evict.  I could also do lease preparation, but once a client pays for it, they just reuse it, so how much can one really make doing it?  I don't want to do closings.  What other legal services do you need?  Thanks  

Title searches, sales contracts, lease purchase agreements, release agreements

Not exactly an answer to your question, but I provide lease drafting, evictions and post judgment collection services for my landlord clients.  This type of work is not as sophisticated as some of my other practice areas and the hourly rate reflects that.

Despite a having a good lease, evictions on these low rent properties are bound to happen.  Most of my clients do this on their own (landlord friendly state of Iowa) and I handle the collections portion (e.g. past due rent and property damage).

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