Property Managers - How do you pay your owners?

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I am a (licensed) property manager with a small Property Management company in CO and we manage approximately 100 units (primarily SFH). For some reason, our bank (1stBank) will not allow ACHs out to our owners (I think it has to do with my Employing Broker's credit?)... I was wondering what system you use to pay your owners other than ACH?

Currently, we either mail checks, deposit them into their accounts at their bank or pay via paypal... I'd love to hear other options!


We pay our owners via ACH which is far more efficient than mailing checks.

You may want to talk to some other banks as some are more ACH friendly than others.

Were getting ready to switch to a bank that does not even charge fees for ACH.

I am currently mailing checks or depositing the check into their account. I do plan on going to ACH with Appfolio but I'm still new to the software and perfecting the tenant payments by ACH first.

I am not a property manager, but I have a property management company that manages my properties and they mail out to me a check every month. Though if given the option I would prefer direct deposit, I've had several of my mailed checks already open by the time I've received them from my property management company.

Speaking as an owner of a rental, I receive direct deposit of the funds along with a statement every month in my email - and love it :) Don't really want to deal with the (albeit minor) hassle of a paper check showing up in the mail.