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Dear Landlords,

From my previous post, I am thinking about stop using MySmartMoves.

I would like to get criminal, credit, and eviction report service. Would you be able to recommend any decent, effecitive, and effortable service that will cover all three reports?


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I used it and it didn't show criminal history. I double curbed with a different source after the tenant wanted to talk about his background. Smart move is good for credit history. 

Anyone and everyone involved with rentals should consider joining ARPOLA. It's cheap and they do offer a tenant screening service. I have not used it as but I do use ARPOLA for many other resources and I've talked to other local investors that have used it and were happy with it.

@Chan K.

I don't think the problem is with the screening service per se.  Some municipalities just do not participate with screening companies.  I have that problem in my area and will get faulty information on Eviction and Criminal reports with most services.  One eviction court I deal with reports to the credit agencies, while another one I deal with does not.  One of them does searches for me of who has been evicted in their court, the other does not.

The credit report i.e. a full, detailed report will be the most important one for tracking evictions if otherwise unavailable through databases/screening services.  Many evictions are recorded as public records or collection accounts.  Also, maybe your local government has a database search?

You're local police force may have an online database for criminal searches.  In my area, certain complexes or public housing requires each prospective tenant to show up with their criminal report from the state police to be submitted with the application.  The state police provides a Federal and State Criminal Report for a fee.

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I'd take a look at MrLandlord.com.  They offer a service where you can pull credit report, criminal, eviction, and sexual predator.  I've used the service many times over a few years. The credit report is Transunion.  It also gives a credit score.  Too many of the available services do the screening for you.  This service gives you the information...you can order one report or all the reports.  You decide.  I would not rely on someone else to tell me whether a tenant is good or not.  The only issue is that you have to be approved by Transunion.  They come out to inspect your office area, see what your security is, they want to see a paper shredder.  It's a simple process.

@Jim Piper @Walker Seid @Dick Rosen

Thank you for the reference. Jim, the process seems undesired to me. I want a hand off service, and just give the accurate report. 

@David S. With that recommendation and you felt that way, then the screening company should close shop. I think if they claim to be to guy to provide information, then they should cover ground as much as they could. If I could quickly pull the eviction record by typing the name of the tenant into the masscourts.org and they could not, then what is the point of having the service.

Used rentprep.com, and feel kinda cheated / disappointed. They don't give credit score, nor credit history. Their "credit report" is a useless 1 page report telling you if the tenant credit score is higher or lower than a certain number.

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