Renting a investment condo without a realtor

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Hi - I'm a new BPer!

I have a 1bed/1ba 800 sqft condo in the Alexandria Virginia area. It's in a great commuter location and close to a Metro and military stations. My tenant will be leaving after August and I'm thinking about listing it without a realtor. I've looked at to put it on the MLS because many good tenants use realtors.

I have another rental property (townhouse) in the area.

Does anyone have any experience with switching to DIY from realtor?  Thanks!

Another place to place it is military by owner. This is how we rented out last townhouse. It also depends on price range etc. the one bed one bath will be on the lower end of pricing in the area so I may recommend getting a realtor to do the credit checks to make sure you get a good tenant unless you are comfortable doing it on your own.

@Janice R. I use and military by owner for mine. However, for my house in southern maryland I had much more success using a realtor. The potential tenants from the realtor were much better quality than what I was getting online and from my yard sign. It really is area dependent as my homes in Florida are rented out very quickly without putting them on the MLS and only listing them on postlets. That wasn't the case in southern MD. Hopefully some other people from your area will respond telling you what it's like there.