Hello all,

Sorry if this post is in the wrong forum, if it is, please move it / advise. (Im still a newbie)

I am new to property management and have been tasked with forming a process for 9/1 move ins.

We manage properties in an area with lots of schools and September 1st is the day most of our new leases start. (Currently around 120 new move ins on Sept 1st) Of those 120 new move ins, around 70 of the current tenants will be moving out on 8/31. This leaves us with less then a day to get 70 units move in ready. 

Any tips would be greatly greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone has any published processes or threads / discussions that might be useful for me please share the link. 

I know this post needs to be elaborated on but I just wanted to post it and get it out there so I can come back to it later, very busy right now. Will offer more info later. 

Please ask any questions that might help you in helping me. 

If I get any advise at all I would be very grateful, please let me know what I can do to return the favor, if I get any advise I dont want it to be like I am getting something for nothing.

Thanks so much in advance,