Can someone recommend a good insurance agent

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Hi BP members. I have a few questions , appreciate any advice I can get. 1) can you please give me a referral for property insurance agent ( my portfolio includes multi unit bldg, condos , and SFH) . I had an agent that I used for the past 4 years but think I can get better rates. 2) can anyone recommend a good tax person that handles property taxes under a business and personal as well. My properties Are based in Chicago but the tax consultant can be from anywhere. Obviously looking for someone that charges reasonable and is knowledgable . Thanks Zulf

Stonegate Insurance in Gurnee, IL is good for personal and commercial property insurance. They will write policies for vacant homes (sometimes an issue for insurance) and they will review you rates upon request. 

Arlen Simon & Associates in Libertyville, IL is a great CPA and does my personal and biz accounts. 

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Marci Grunert with Erie Insurance out of Oak Brook, IL. Great rates and great customer service. I use them for business and personal.