Do You Make Your Tenant Feel Appreciated, if so How?

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What Are Some of the Ways You Make Your Tenant Feel Appreciated?

Here's what I do:

Know their names- when they call, when you see them.

Handle repairs quickly

Treat them with respect- give them as much notice as possible before entering, listen to their concerns, and be willing to work through any issues.  Be happy for them when they get engaged, get a new job, even when they move.

When making repairs, don't default to the cheapest fix- put in the nicer stove, shower head, whatever it is, they notice and appreciate it.

Trash day is Tuesday, and I typically drive by our rentals that day and haul in trash and recycle bins- small thing but even the neighbors notice this one!

Other things I am considering as we grow- 

sending a gift card to a local establishment ($5?) for birthdays,

yearly upgrade of their choice when they renew their lease (replace old appliance that isn't going to last much longer, replace flooring- things I might do if the unit was turning over).  

Great topic, I am looking forward to hearing other people's ideas!


I start out with showing them by mowing the grass a day or so before they move in because I know moving time is busy and tiring.  I also start them out with the basics in the house such as a roll of toilet paper, paper towel, shampoo, conditioner, and soap.  While they are living there I have great communication.  If they contact me I respond within hours and take care of the issue asap and usually myself.  I feel like they feel more appreciated and respect the property more when they see the owner doing the work.  

I look forward to hearing other people's methods because I'm always looking to improve here.  

The yearly Christmas gift card can buy you a lot of appreciation with very little money.  I doubt may tenants have received a Christmas gift from a landlord and they'll remember that next time they have to re up on their lease.

Originally posted by @Kelly N. :

sending a gift card to a local establishment ($5?) for birthdays,

This is an idea I was recently telling my wife I want to start doing.  We haven't figured out exactly what we want to do.  If it's just an email wishing them a happy birthday or an actual small gift.  

On this note I did forget to add we do give a small gift for the holidays.  Usually a cheap box of chocolates or cookies.

Once a year we always ask what would they like to see/change that would make them happy/recommend this as a place a friend would want to stay

Those are great ideas. we always give the tenant a welcome basket when they first lease the home, Toilet paper, water bottles, spaghetti sauce, sometimes a plunger... just stuff they may need or can use when first moving into the property.. they LOVE these items.. all things you can buy at the $1 store.

We also send them a movie gift card and dinner coupon during the holidays and have a hand written note letting them know the owner asked us to send them this and thanking them for being such great tenants.

If you are big enough and have enough homes you can normally go work a deal with a local restaurant to be able to get some discounted price off the coupon value if you buy quite a few of them. Same with movie theater tickets.

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Thank you all for these great ideas! I gave my first new tenants a houseplant, and they left it outside and let it die. That taught me to be more aware of what tenants actually like before giving them a move-in gift!

These are great ideas!  Especially the gift card one, I think I will start using that or the movie tickets idea and the welcome basket.  Thanks guys.

I like the idea of a basket with toilet paper and such.

We provide our new tenants a bottle of bubbly in the fridge ($10) and some plastic wine cups. They also get a Welcome Home card and a $20 Target card. They have absolutely loved it and get a nice cold bottle of Brut for their first night in their new home and some money to buy those little knickknacks that you always seem to need to make it feel more like a home.

Besides being on top of repairs and providing safe, clean, quality rentals, we've sent gift cards to tenants when they've turned around things fast after we've requested it, like lease renewal responses/paperwork, renters insurance declarations, etc. They do thank us for doing that.

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