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Should I have a copy of the tenants ID if they completed the Application and background/credit check online. I was thinking that I should so that I can make sure I'm renting to the right person. Am I correct? Please help and thanks again!

I would still ask for it at some point prior to acceptance. If everything checks out online with their application, you could make it part of them coming to sign the final paperwork. If you want it sooner than that, you could say "So everything checked out with your online application. I'll just need you to come by so I can take a copy of your drivers license and go over a few things.. etc."

I always get copies of their ID's to make they are who they ssy they are. Also if I have to track them down I have a picture and driver's license number.

Always get a copy of the tenants ID.

I used to be lax about getting a copy of the ID.  Now, I do it every time.  What makes it easier for me now is I finally updated to a smart phone (I know, Mr Procrastination) and now it's easy to just take a picture of the applicant's ID.

yes, picture on cell phone

I scan in the ID using a small travel scanner and a laptop.

My tablet is able to scan in a document, etc taken as a photo.

Thanks everyone, the information was greatly appreciated

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