Text Codes for Rental Yard Signs, and Text Marketing.

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I have a bunch of rental properties and i put a yard sign and an information box with some pamphlets about the property in the yard. However i want to get a text code where people can text "Info" to 5555 for example and they get a text back with all the property details and a link to my website.  I would like to have 3-5 separate codes so that i can have 3 signs at multiple places for rent at one time.

Does anyone know of some good services they use? I have looked around and i don't want to spend $600 a year for this. 

Also does anyone know of a texting program or voicemail program where i can send out a blast text or call to people who have inquired about properties in the past about an up coming vacancy. I have a couple hundred numbers stored. 

Thanks Keith

@Keith Minton I just found some brand new signs sold only at Lowe's called TEXT for INFO. For the cost of the sign ($12.98) you set up a listing and get a unique code that renters can text to. It sends them a link to a web listing that is created when you register and then they can contact you by email or phone to set up an appt. You can also publish the listing to rent.com, Zillow, etc. for free! Here is the link to the sign from Lowe's and the website you use to register.



I am excited to try it as I have a turnover coming up soon. I just registered and created the listing. I am interested to see who else may have started using these yet and any experiences.