What are most important clauses to have in lease agreement

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I'm working with generic lease template for Florida to create custom lease and was wandering what are  most important clauses to have in lease agreement from landlord prospective that are often overlooked but may be beneficial if problem arise with tenant? 

@Mike X. are you using a property manger? If so, they would probably use the Florida REALTORS standard residential lease. It covers a large number of important clauses for landlords. There are available addendum, if something is missed. Speak with a property manager, they can direct you to the right forms. 

Most important for us is use an attorney drawn lease.  Then they can be contact if you need them to assist in eviction, etc.

We use: http://evict.com/

I think you don't want to miss the amount of rents due, but there is much more to it than that. I gave you a collection statement, but if you're trying to do this from scratch or off guru junk you got off the internet, you need to stop! 

Newbies need to understand their limitations and not bite off more than they can chew in real estate, drafting legal contracts is not for those without legal experience......namely an attorney! Don't be penny wise and pound foolish, get a standard contract and if you make changes have an attorney review it.

There are many important aspects to a good lease. There is a reason for all those paragraphs too, so don't go editing out things, use what is customary in your area, the judge will like you more. :)   

The lease I'm working on was originally prepared by attorney, it's just in template form

non smoking is a good point though

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