Roaches from basement to first floor

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Hi BP. I am having a bit of a conflict, hope someone can help me. 

My previous basement tenants were vendors that sold food out on thw street. They would make the food in the basement and sell in the morning. The tenant moved out months ago and ever since i renovated the basement my first floor who lived here 6 years has been complaining more heavily on the roach situation. First floor claims and believes that it is coming from the basement and after the renovation more roaches are coming to them. Keep in mind that the first floor has a backyard and they cook alot also.

Now my question is since i live in nyc am i ( the landlord) responsible for roach issues. I have given them treatments for it i.e. powders, and traps. I read the guidelines for nyc however im getting different opinions.

Please advise anyone

Hi Meng,

I have have not had this kind of experience but I will suggest you consult any pest control company to do  a full fumugation job for you. These pests are rather difficult to eliminate if you handled them yourself. Powder and traps will not cut it!

My one cent.

Good luck 

roach bombs just going to make them scatter to the 2nd floor. Your on the right track, boric acid, traps. Fill crevices/cracks with caulk, remove garbage/food/water source. Bay leaves in cabinets and kitchen area. It seems your tenants are willing to work with you. Hire professional if things dont improve after these steps. Nyc requires you to address the problem. Most buildings have weekly/monthly exterminations especially during the summer months when its roach galore.

@Will Wong thank you your comment really helped. I have looked into boric acid and  seems that's a good solution for the time being.

NA Onyido

 thank you for you the info

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