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Is it possible to disallow signage on the rental property, for example political signs supporting a candidate or an issue? I'd like to include it in my leases and head off an issue that is likely to come to a boil when the presidential election heats up. Tenants in one of my duplexes are already squabbling to the point of near violence. But, would not allowing signs be a violation of my tenants right to free speech?

@Renee R. Hmm I can imagine that your great state is heating up... Good ol 'live free or die' New Hampshire. I miss it.  I wonder if you can justify the lack of signage and language on "Trying to keep the beautiful state of New Hampshire free of ugly signs and distractions." That's why there are no billboards in Vermont due to the 'beauty of the foliage ' If your tenants are already under lease I don't foresee what you can do until the lease is up.

@Nick Britton  my intent would be to add it to their leases when they are up (November 2015 and May 2016). It can get pretty wild in this state with all the signage. Since the exterior of the property doesn't go with either unit in particular, there could be some real carnage. Oy!

I have a clause in my lease that will not allow signs on the grounds.  I put that in because someone else on the block did the same so it was to keep inline with area.  I have seen some put political signs in the windows but to me that looks worse.

Do you have a back and front yard with either unit or is it all common.  If it is all common you could just say the common areas are for the quiet enjoyment of all and items placed in the common area should not interfere with the quiet enjoyment of other residents and are subject to rules and guidelines that the owner shall put in place from time to time.   Then it is more general and falls in the category of  excessive religious, political, or other decorations or putting up recreational equipment when it is not their space. If it is their space I would be inclined to allow more leeway through restricting volume/size.  You could make the restriction more general then just signs if you think it will be less confrontational.

I have a duplex , one side I rent to Democrats , the other side Republicans .  Makes life more fun.

my lord have we come to this?  reminds me of the soccer fans in Europe. 

people get worked up over stuff like that not realizing they are just ants in a humongous ant farm.  like anyone cares what people think anyway 

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