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Starting out into rental property business.....looking into possibly using Easyrent.com for my tenant screening and online rent collection.  Has anyone used them?  Good or bad experiences?   Thanks very much.

Hello Gerry,

I currently use them, I had one of my tenants sign up for ACH deposit.  When I signed up with EasyRent they told me the fee to my tenants would only be $1.00 or I could pay the $1.00.

When my tenant went to pay her rent last Friday the 31st, she was charged $17.00.  I contacted support and they told me it charged her $17.00 because she used her debit card.  Only payments received from a bank account are $1.00.

I have not used the tenant screening feature because I am at 100% occupancy!  

I do like that fact that I receive e-mail updates after any changes I make and when my tenants make payments online.

The only other issue I have with this service is that I am not able to pay vendors from this website.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Deanna G.  They should have clearly told you about the debit fee.  I'm a bit apprehensive about using them but hopefully it will be fine.  Also looking at Cozy....know anything about them?  Thanks again.

Gerry Langelotti The 3% debit fee is clearly listed on Easy Credit's website. That said, I started with Cozy last month. It is free for both landlord and tenant, but they currently only offer ACH transactions. I believe debit/credit is in the works soon. The transaction was slow, but it worked.

I just went through my first (and second) application/credit/background process with cozy. once you do it once, its a piece of cake, no complaints from either tenants. very easy to set up monthly (pro-rated first month too!) and security deposit withdrawals. very responsive customer support team too.

You're right Jennifer.  I didn't realize they treat a debit card as a credit card (3%) fee instead of the ACH ($1) fee....good to know.   Thanks!

So excited to hear good things about Cozy. I have been reading their newsletters and all looked good. I buy a duplex that is currently occupied so my next rental, I will give Cozy a try. 

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You welcome Gerry,

I used Cozy prior to EasyRent.  They work fine, I did not like that it took 5-7 days to get my money from my tenant's account.  EasyRent was faster.

EasyRent has good customer service.  They always replied the same day and answered my questions.

The only issue was the one I spoke about in the previous post.

I've heard other users using Dwolla for their online rent collection.

@Deanna G

Cozy switched to a different ACH processor in July. They now use Stripe Inc. Last month was the first month (both for me and this processor).  In looking at Stripe's webpage, they indicate that the first transactions are purposely slow to try to address the inherent risk in online money transfers.  So the jury is still out for me, so to speak.  Of course, it doesn't help that the first three months for me have a 3 day weekend (July 4), 1st day of the month on a Saturday, and another 3 day weekend (Labor Day).  

we use intuit.

works great. $.50 per transaction. 

worth it!

Thanks for the update about Cozy Jennifer.

@Deanna G.  

No problem.  I was looking at EasyRent's website.  I have a couple of questions.  Do they only charge for the rental transactions or do they also charge for their other features?  I couldn't find an answer to that on their website.  Have you used any of their other services?  Finally, has your tenant completed an ACH transaction?  If so, how long did it take to get to your account?  Thanks!

Jennifer....they're one of the only online rental assistance firms that has a phone number and when I called the guy (Adam) was very helpful....give them a call!  Good luck!

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