Does anyone have experience with Section 8 in Aurora, Illinois?

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Does anyone have experience with Section 8 in Aurora, Illinois? Any information would be appreciated.

Hey Josh, it might be worth mentioning if you're talking about the portion in DuPage County, Kane County.  Kendall County, or Will County.  They are all serviced by different Housing Authority offices and have different rules and voucher computations.  From experience, I KNOW that the portion serviced by DuPage pays out more than the portion serviced by Will County.

Not in Aurora but I have section 8 properties in Chicago

@Joe Holly thank you.  The property is in DuPage. When I googled all I found was just the one Aurora housing authority. Have you had experience with the Housing authority that covers DuPage?


I have only had dealings with the Housing Authority of Joliet.  Though the name might imply that they only serve Joliet, they are actually the administrators of housing vouchers for all of Will County.  These relationships can sometimes be confusing.  The DuPage Housing Authority ( serves ALL of DuPage County including portions of Aurora.  The Aurora Housing Authority ( serves all of Aurora even though Aurora spans four counties.  Let's talk offline and I will be happy to assist you and answer any specific questions you may have.  

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