Are property managers responsible when tenants violate the provisions of their lease?

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We had a "no pets" lease on our home, managed by a local office of a national property management franchise.  We found out the tenant had three dogs in the house and reported this to the PM a few times.  We asked the PM to have the tenant remove the pets, or at the very least obtain a hefty pet deposit.  The PM did nothing, and did not perform an annual inspection, even though we were charged for it.  When our tenant moved out (two months early), we found the flooring throughout the two story house was completely destroyed by animal waste.  In order to sell the house, we had to redo the entire house, even though the high quality carpet was only two years old.  My question is:  how responsible is the PM company considering they did not manage the provisions of the lease, which is what we paid them to do.  I asked for some reimbursement of the cost of the flooring, and they originally agreed, but now nothing.

This is something you would have to consult an attorney about. I would think they would  be responsible for not enforcing the lease and charging you services not performed.  

Never work with them again. I put laminate wood and tile on all floors through out the house so I don't have to deal replacing carpet.

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