Need copy of old lease agreement, management companies won't help

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I'm trying to get a copy of my lease agreement along with other documents from when I lived in an apartment building several years ago. The building is currently managed by a different company than when I was living there. 

I contacted the company that ran it when I was there, they said they legally cannot have them on file and to check with the current company. Current company said they don't have it, contact the original company.

I no longer live in the same state, what are my options?


I would check my own filing cabinet, unless I pitched it. If I pitched it I would blame myself.  Important docs should be stored.  

How many years ago did you live there?  I usually keep my records for 7 years, then shred them, but real estate stuff I keep for perpetuity.  I want my kids to see all the deals I've been involved in so they can be encouraged to do so themselves.

Some companies record them as public record, you know, in case of loss in fires and such.  You may want to see if there is a recorded copy at city hall.  I was told to do that with some of my papers.  Other than that, those PM's will not be cooperative, so good luck.