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Taking ownership of 2 more rentals this Friday... Going to be in town for final Walk through and want to know what do you landlords go in and fix which results in better marketability that I can take care of in a day or two while in town for the weekend? Thanks all!

In just a day or two?

Lightswitch & outlet covers - make sure all are clean and not broken

Everything as clean as possible - if you have rugs, rent a steam cleaner, especially if the house will be vacant long enough for the carpets to dry. Clean the refrigerator and stove spic & span. 

Any crazy painted rooms - get them neutral. Paint trim work. Nothing says "updated and remodeled" like the smell of fresh paint. Make sure everything works - all light switches, appliances, light bulbs, outlets, etc. Make sure all accessories are there - toilet paper holder, towel holder, etc. All window coverings are clean and not broken, especially blinds. All windows are clean and open, close and lock without trouble. All doors open and close properly, all locks work. Keys operate doors properly. Lawn care and light landscaping maintenance is done - weeds pulled, grass cut, bushes reasonably trimmed, etc. 

Outside of that you probably don't want to get into anything that generates debris unless you have someone to take over for you after you leave. 

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