Lawn maintenence - Great news Colorado Springs!!

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Flips and trying to make that first impression AMAZING  buy and holds and trying to maintain good law   or vacation rentals. Either way, a good exterior look is going to help to get properties rented or sold. However, how do you do that in a way that you are not having to pay someone all the time to try to maintain your lawn............ and the answer is........... Today I found that Colorado Springs Uitilies has test gardens..........soo zero scape but............ it gets better. Today I took a pic of my latest little buy and hold. The front needed some work and I wanted to do I do that in a way that renter proof and is not qoing to require me to go out there all the time to water. They completely told me exactly what to get and what to put where. Insert some good cheap labor off of craigslist and a new amazing look for this rental should cost no more than 1k oh and............... It will look Fantastic! Check them out. They are located on the Mesa and are SUPER helpful!! Also, my guess is that other cities are bound to have similar test gardens with the utilites companies.   

I would be curious to see the picture you took. And do you have a link to that page by chance for CSU?

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