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I posted about a fire in the tenant kitchen.  So i got an estimate and presented it to the tenants. They refused to pay and want to do the repairs themselves.  A handy man gave me an itemized list plus labor equals $1380.00.  Do i enter the unit and go ahead with repairs then sue tenants or can i go to court and ask for eviction?  They haven't paid this month's rent yet...HOWEVER< they filed a complaint with the city inspector for a different i am worried about retaliation..YET< they are late on rent and they caused damage to the kitchen.  they admitted to starting the fire.  I am waiting for the fire department report....this is such a headache LOL

I would say to go ahead and fix the kitchen then add the cost to the next month's bill as "additional rent"

How is your lease worded in terms of monies applied?  Does the payment first go towards repairs owed, late fees, rent overdue then current rent?  If so, it seems as if they won't pay, in which case you would evict them for non-payment.

Do NOT let them do the repairs themselves.  You will have no recourse if they screw it up. 

Keep us posted.

Does any insurance cover this?  I recently bought a duplex and the lender told me I had to have hazard insurance on the place.  I would think if I had a fire, I would notify my insurance and let them handle it, much like an auto policy?  Am I being naive?

Thanks for bringing this up in case it happens to us!

@Missy H.  You think they would pay if it's added to the rent?? The $1380 is actually cheaper cuz it was from a friend...but they want to play hard ball. Time for an attorney and going to court.  Yes, i'll pay for the attorney but i am done with these manipulating, un-grateful tenants.

My insurance deductible is $2500 and the damage is not that great to warrant filing a claim...and tenant insurance doesn't pay for structural damage (they don't even have insurance)...

You can still usually have insurance coordinate the repairs, they will just not cover the bill until you hit your deductible. It could be a way of avoiding confrontation with the tenants, rather than the " I know a guy" method. The eviction for non payment is a separate issue.

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