Do you give your neighbors "renovation gifts"?

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I always write a letter to everyone on the street that I am doing the project. I apologize in advance for any noise inconvenience etc. I supply my phone number as well. So far I have never had to advertise my rental when complete because of the letter and word of mouth.

We'll typically offer to do some work for our neighbors, specifically things that will help our resale value.  For example, we'll do some basic landscaping, trim trees, fix damaged siding, haul away debris, paint a front porch/door, etc.

They are happy with us and we get an easier sale...

You should definitely write a letter and get on the neighbors good side.   Of course in some buildings you'll need board approval depending on the scale of renovation work. 

Neighbors are typically appreciative so long as you're not effecting their quality of life.     When I've been working with sellers in the past pre market we've always used the angle that we're trying to increase the market value in the building.   

I've done this before and in general I think it's good advice to touch base with them at least with a letter. 

I did have it backfire a little when one neighbor did noise complaints and used the letter as proof that we were doing construction.  The only thing is we did it within the acceptable city hours for construction, but the neighbor was trying to claim otherwise.