Post-eviction trash cleanup service in Houston area?

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Hi all, I searched for info on the site but was not able to find existing threads, so I am starting a new one.

I recently purchased a foreclosure in Cypress / Tomball area (Northwest Houston / Harris County). Not surprisingly, the previous owner was still living in there. Don't ask me about the eviction process, I think you all know it is not a pleasant one. When I finally gained access to the home... My goodness. Dirty and totally trashed.

Not a problem. I will fix it.

I wanted to ask those of you with a lot of experience.. Can you pls recommend a reasonably priced service in Houston that can take the heavy pieces of trash away?

Many thanks!

Hi Miki,

Try Mark Heistad at 713-659-9530. He is a general contract and can do everything from trash out to roofs.

If you do need help with the eviction process let me know as unfortunately I have lots of experience, LOL!

Good luck,

Stacey Foster

Originally posted by @Abhilash Joseph :

Try stressfreeproperty solutions, I think you will get a good pricing from them. I have used them only  once but I think they are transparent with less smoke screens.

You are telling me to use a company in Tampa area, Florida? You didn't read the thread's title? Or is this spam...

Ok sorry. When I copied / pasted the company name you from your posting above into a chrome browser, it went directly to a website in Tampa. Any chance you can provide a correct URL? Maybe it is .net or .org instead of .com? Thanks.