Section 8 Lease Baltimore Maryland

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Can anyone please let me know specific verbage(ie specific points) I should put into a lease for a Section 8 tenant in Baltimore City? and what I should watch out for when screening Section 8 tenants? Thanks

I do not own any rentals in Baltimore, nor do I do rentals as an agent in Baltimore....however you should see if the city or county have a lease that they "suggest" you use. In Montgomery County for instance the county produced a lease that they highly "suggest" you use.  Meaning if you do not, and you go to court in MoCo, the court will side with the tenant. Frederick County does not have such a thing...but I could easily see Baltimore City or County having something similar to Montgomery County.

a standard lease (maryland realtor lease) does the trick....specifying unpaid water is same as rent of course....

@Ian Barnes

According to Section 8 you should screen vouchered tenants as you would any other. So if you have set criteria stick to it. MAR leases are pretty similar across the counties. So have additional verbiage or rules that are county specific. Make sure unpaid bills, damages, anything else is additional rent. I have seen leases included verbiage where if a tenant loses their voucher the lease terminates.

Thanks for the tips everyone, I appreciate it.

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