To choose or not to choose

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Hi everyone I have a question. I have a potential tenant that came for the apartment showing and is really interested in the apartment. The problem is that a friend that was with me mentioned to me that he knows the potential tenant and her family and that they're trouble. So my question is, how do I get out of even letting the tenant complete the application process or is that not even an option? Please help and Thanks!

You can't really prevent them from doing the application process. So let them (if they even follow through and complete it). They will probably disqualify themselves.

I had the same warning. The person gave a complete application, but failed to also provide the required supplement info such as proof of income (pay stubs and such). Even if they did, they probably wouldn't have made the 3X amount of rent required. 

Don't worry.

@Nicole W. I'll see what happens and thanks

@Cedric Mitchell , I second what @Nicole W. said.  People that are "trouble" will often have something show up in the application process that results in a denial.  Sometimes, I meet applicants and as I'm showing a property, I realize I'm getting a bad feeling about renting to them.  Usually, when I get that feeling the responses on their application (if they even bother to turn one in) make it easy to deny them.

@Nicole W. gets the vote on her post because she is exactly right.  So many promising potential applicants remain just that... potential.  Very few people follow through, and of those that do, a high percentage miss enough where you can get out if you want to.  If they do beat the odds and jump through the hoops, feel free to say no.  You can give them a very generalized and vague answer without deceiving them if they ask why.

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