Looking for a mentor or partner, Columbus Ohio

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Frustrated Landlord looking for a mentor or partner. Owner of a free & clear rental in Lancaster Ohio. Own property free and clear and have a tenant paying 930.00 per month. I am an absentee landlord and looking for someone who is local to Lancaster or Columbus to help me out with this property. Please contact me if you are interested in helping out a BP fan. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Hi Karen

Sorry to hear that you are frustrated. If you don't mind me asking, what is causing your frustration? Do you need contacts for  a particular project? I'm in Columbus (not Lancaster though) and have a few rentals feel free to send me a PM  maybe I can help?


My frustration comes from hearing two different stories from property manager & tenant. Never know which one is telling the truth. I live 2 hours from property and not able to get \away each time there is a fire to put out. I guess my age and motivation have much play as I'm wanting to only be passive and collect the check. Would love to do a 1031 exchange and get something in the same area as I live so I can be a hands on manager. I live in mansfield, Ohio.


I live in Lancaster and own several rentals in Lancaster.  If there is something I can help you with let me know.  If you are serious about selling your property I would like to discuss this further.


Andrew please call me at 419 566.2205 I will be at property tomorrow at 1:00 Very motivated. Property address is 136 w.walnut zoned commercial residential. You can go to zillow and look at pics. Currently rented for 930.00 per month.


HI Karen

Sorry to hear about your frustrating tenant/property manager situation.  

If you do decide to sell and have any questions in regards to a 1031, please feel free to contact me via phone or PM.  

Good luck with your investment property, whatever you decide.  

Oh Karen, what a lovely old home, but I bet maintenance is a nightmare!  I wish I could help, but we live near Mansfield as well and manage our properties in Columbus without too much trouble, but Lancaster is nearly another hour as I'm sure you know all too well.

I hope you find someone to help with your burden.

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