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Hey everyone on BP. I am a new real estate investor looking to be an owner/ occupier of a multi family property, and eventually get into renting single family homes. I currently live in the Syracuse New York area. I need to find a good "Investor" real estate agent. I am aware that I would need to be in position to buy something. I do not have alot of capital yet, but do have good credit for loan purposes....  Also if anyone can give me a name of a real estate attorney in the Syracuse area that would help too. I'm looking to rent out my current property/ condo when I do find a multi.  Thanks for your time, much appreciated!

@Michael Hood

Welcome to the site.

I am sure you will be able to find investor friendly agents here.

For a non owner occupied property your looking at needing roughly 25% down.

@Michael Hood

I have a friend who was a prosecutor in Syracuse who recently relocated to RI.  She may have some contacts in the area as she still practices law in upstate NY in the Camillus area.  If you would like me to reach out, feel free to contact me, and I will be happy to do so.

Thanks Brandon, 

I am currently talking to an agent in Syracuse I met here on BP. Not sure if the person you mentioned above would know a real estate attorney in my area. I will need someone eventually that I can talk to about lease agreements with future tenants and things of that nature. I appreciate your help. have a great day!

Mike Hood