Rochester, NY...Where to advertise for Unit?

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I've used craigslist to advertise my soon to be vacant unit....hopefully tenants move out...gave them 30 days notice for their MTM lease (long story).  Where else can I advertise?  this unit is not in a high end place, so I will not pay $100 to advertise in some of these online rip off websites.  I even doubt the people who would want to live in this location would search in those places.  I know about the Housing Council but most of the people who use their listings are on DSS/Sec. 8 and i am not willing to rent to that group.  I live in one of the units in the 2-story Duplex.  Rochester, NY Landlords/investors, how have you managed to find renters?  I appreciate your feedback.

Thank you, Meg

@Meg K. Absolutely keep posting to craigslist.  But the last round of vacancies I had I experimented with Rent Rochester and Postlets as well.

Rent Rochester was $35/apartment for a 30 day listing, and while I got a few leads, it certainly wasn't worth it.

Postlets on the other hand, was a winner.  The Postlets listing got syndicated on Trulia and Zillow and I was surprised at how many leads I got.  Solid leads too.  2 of the 3 vacancies I had were filled from leads generated with Postlets.  Boom.

@Mark W.  I will try Postlets.  Thanks!

Thanks for the tip on Postlets.

Agreed, I've had some success with postlets as well.

Postlets is pretty good. Just be aware that they no longer syndicate to any of the sites owned by (, primarily).. They're having a bit of a spat.

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