One tenant is good and one is not so good

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I am a little bit puzzled. I have an application from unmarried couple. Girl's credit check returned good, but guy's is not and he works as an independent contractor. My intention is just to have only girl in the lease and do not have her partner. Would it be better for me ? Or just reject their application. I run an application through BP resource and it approved both but after careful reading I would not approve a guy (very low scores and does not pay child support and messed with his SSN)

Move on if they don't meet your criteria. Better that she didn't apply independently, then later (usually in 1 to 10 days) move the boyfriend in. That is my company's biggest issue lately.

Originally posted by @Jane A. :
What are risks if not all adults living in my unit are on the lease? If they do not have criminal records

 My opinion is that everyone, adult or not must be listed as occupants but not all adults need to be listed as financially responsible tenants. You do however want an approved application on every adult occupying the property. If an applicant does not qualify financially then they can't be a tenant, if they don't qualify for other reasons then they can't even be an occupant.

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