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Which quick books should I used to manage my rentals and personal finances? I have a tablet and no laptop so can I used it on the tablet plus do I have to used online services and is it worth it. Any other advice will be awesome thank you BP

Do you own enough homes to really need a quickbooks account for your rentals? 

How many units do you have

@Kenneth Prentice

For Rentals - QuickBooks Desktop version

For all other - QuickBooks Online

Gita Faust

I have only one right now, I want to buy more in the future. I want to be organized so I can take my info to the bank and show poof I have my financial in order. Thanks for the feedback. Plus if I don't use quickbooks then what is a better alternative?

I just keep track of everything in an excel spreadsheet and I have 6 rentals

I agree with Allison.  Excel can handle it for now.  A well organized spreadsheet will do the trick.

Good luck.

If you're not an accountant familiar with Quickbooks, I would not mess with it. It's insanely complex for the uninitiated.

With that said, my wife does my bookwork and we use QB for Desktop and she has our rentals as "classes", whatever that means.

I think the spreadsheet suggestion is your best bet right now, and since you're on a tablet just use Google Drive. (You do have a gmail account, right?)

Good luck!

If you use QuickBooks go with Pro for now.

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