Water bill reduction advise

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hi BPers! I'm looking at a subject to deal where the overdue water bill is almost 10k! Property isn't up and running. Any advise on possible reductions?

Best thing you can do is contact the city/county let them know  you're interested in working something out with them. It's crazy that they even allow it to get to $10k. 

@Account Closed  

If there is a lien on the property, that should come directly off of the top of the proceeds.  Your MLC will show this when the title is performed.  If you are trying to reduce the outstanding bill, I wouldn't even worry about it, because its not something that you will pay additionally for.  If you are asking how to reduce monthly water bills, that is an entirely different conversation.  You will not be held responsible for a bill that was created prior to you taking ownership of he property.