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I've been reading this site for some time now, preparing for the day I buy a property and I I've read some posts that I had questions about.

Some people say the charge the tenant "x" amount per service call for repairs such as broken appliances.

I also read a post where a landlord states in the lease that they provide working appliances at the time the tenant moves in and then the tenant is responsible for any repairs while the are in the unit.

I guess I'm surprised this is even possible, especially having the tenant responsible for repairs altogether.  I get the service fee, being a deterrent to tenants that call all the time about little things. 

 Can any of you walk me through this and explain how you can justify these fees and the legality of the fees.  And do you charge a service fee for any calls even if its just a natural breakdown of an item (ex: a dishwasher)  or only charge a service fee if its obvious misuse.

unless the tenant provided the appliances or your lease specifically says otherwise, you will be responsible for fixing or replacing appliances

From what I've read, some owners who have home warranties offer to service, repair or replace appliances but the tenant is required to pay for the service call, which usually is around $60.

For those who don't use home warranties, I think they said they charge a service call of about the same amount.  This acts as a deterrent for tenants who like to call often.  I personally wouldn't like it from my landlord, but if he tells me that it's refundable if less than a certain number of calls per year, I would not mind. 

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