What kind of appliances or furnishings should a rental include?

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I know it should have at least a fridge and a stove, but is there anything else that it is expected in a rental?

Does the renter bring their own couch, bed and so on?

My plan is that if I get a property that I plan to flip, I will sometimes just put a renter in there and sell it as turn key rental property.

This varies by market.  Some cities Ive seen the houses come with all appliances, some just fridge and stove.   You should check out the local listings in whatever market you are looking at and see what all the other rent listings have.  

I make sure my properties have a dishwasher and central heat/ac. Those 2 features make the small SFHs I rent out beat out the competition. 

I have a few sets of washer/dryer that I offer with my rentals too. I know it might be more than necessary but I know when I was a renter, I didn't have a set. Usually just used the apartment setup or somewhere else. I think its a nice bonus for my renters to not have to worry about lugging a set around with them when they move.

Bare minimum is refrigerator and stove. For a few dollars, you can pick up a microwave and add value. I rented an apartment without a dishwasher and hated every minute I had to wash dishes. (First-world problems, right?)

@Alexander A. gave a great tip, check out the competition. I'll go a bit further and suggest that you not only meet the competition, but beat them. Nobody offering microwaves, add one to your unit. No one else has AC? Ohio humidity is brutal. A window unit doesn't cost you much, but if you can keep a tenant for an extra year because you offer it, that is totally worth the $250 you spend on the unit.

We provide fridge, stove, dishwasher. I hesitated whether or not provide washer/dryer. But i just don't want to give the tenant another reason to call me about problems with appliances. And most of the house on the market doesn't provide that. So the tenants are not expecting that anyway.

I always provide a range and dishwasher. I've rented out properties both with and without fridges, depending on the circumstances. Whenever I provide a washer and dryer, I  specify that those are in the properties for the tenants' use, but specify that if they break down, repairs will be paid for by the tenants. This is because generally in this area a washer/dryer are not considered standard, but in cases where I've bought properties where they were included it's nice to be able to offer them to tenants.

I rent higher end properties so I make sure all appliances are present and in fine working order. Stove, dishwasher, microwave, washer, dryer. There is no A/C but in Seattle that is common. I just put a tankless water heater in one as the water heater needed to be replaced. This saved space and looks "cool" for renters. 

For the appliances I buy basic higher end models that are easy to repair. No stainless tub in the dishwasher and no water/ice maker in the fridge. 

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