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I'm looking for a reliable property management company in the NW suburbs of Chicago, preferably in the Elgin area. Specializing in old multi-unit buildings is a plus. Any referrals are greatly appreciated!

One of my buddies uses Stateline rentals. They also have a Rockford office and we use them for our Rockford properties. I don't have there Elgin number but I am sure you can google it 

Hi Scott,

Try Jason Stoops, with Stoops Enterprise LLC.
[email protected]
(630) 207-0808

He's local to the Fox Valley area and he comes to a lot of my Fox Valley Investor group meet ups.  Tell him Jennifer sent you!


I am currently using Stateline in the Rockford area, and while they aren't great, take a close look at the contract you sign with them.  I didn't, and later figured out that it's a 3 year contract. 

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This post has been removed.

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