Derugulated house vs regulated house

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Good morning,

I live in a 3 unit house in queens and the building is regeristed in as mutli dwelling in nyc. The house is not rent stabilized or rent controlled. I have 2 units rented out and one of them has an expired lease. 1st floor has been living there for the past 7 years with an expired lease.  My question are: 1) because they are no longer on a lease  how long can i increase their rent if i increased it 4 months ago? I am trying to compete with market price so not to lose passive income or take anything out of my pocket. 2)  does the regulations of tenant- landlord guideline listed in the nyc government site still pertain to me? 3) is there a website where i can find more information about free market houses? 4) is there any lawyers or knows any good lawyers in queens to be able to free consulatation?

Also if someone can help me with these questions :

1) who is responsible for kitchen ventilation fan, the landlord or the tenant? and Tenant was the first tenant to move in to the new house.

2) tenant broke the terrace screendoor with neglect and expect landlord to pay. However l do not want to pay to fix what they broke. Tenant said she will call 311 because she has a child under 10 years old. Tenants terrace has 3 doors 1) window door, 2) terrace screen door and 3) metal door, all able to open at free will. Can she accuse me of not providing security for her child?

Please someone help me. 

Thank you so much for taking the time in reading, i need advice from bp members.

- Meng 

In a month to month, technically you can raise the rent every month of the year (12 times) .  You just need to give them a full 30 days notice. If the 30 days ends after the first of the month, then the rent increase will be in effect the following month.

Take before and after pictues of the screen door. Keep any receipts and invoices for the job. Send notice to your tenant that they are being billed for the repairs. 

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