gutter guards

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Gutter Helmet is one of the best.  I think they might do business in your area. The guarantee/warranty transfers to the next owner if you sell the property. They work really well for leaves and even the smaller bits that fall out of trees like pine needles, "helicopters", etc. The design lets the gutters still capture heavy rainfalls. I'm getting them on my own personal home that is located on a very wooded lot because I've seen how well they've worked for my neighbors.

It depends on what you are using the house for, if its a personal home you plan to stay in for many more years, I would say invest in something high end, though gutter helmet in my area runs from $5-$8 a running foot. 

If this is a rental, I would recommend a vinyl snap in that is sold at HomeDepot or Lowes, comes in white or brown (here) and cost around 40-50 cents a running foot. Easy to install and works very well. It should last in the 3-4 year mark which for the price is a good return.

Avoid the metal flip down ones like the plague they dont last and tend to bend and flip over more times then not. The super cheap by the roll is also trash, and the foam insert as overpriced and dont work for the price.

Hope that helps