Coil top stove OR Glass Top Stove?

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Hi everyone! This is my first post in the Biggerpockets forums. I've reading the forums for the last few months but decided to start getting involved! 

I'm purchasing appliances for a soon-to-be rental that I'm currently renovating, and I'm looking for some advice. In your experience, do coil-top stoves or glass-top stoves hold up/look good for longer? Out of the two stoves I'm looking at, the glass top is $30 more, but definitely looks nicer and more modern. What have held up better in your rentals and what would you recommend?

Thanks in advance!!


For My Lower end rental market (Class B) I would use coil top because they are easy to replace.  In fact when one dies a tenant can usually replace them without me even knowing.  Good luck with that on a glass top stove.   

My vote "Coil Top"

You must have some great tenants if they're replacing the coils themselves!

Coil Top. Most of the glass ones get scratched/stained. You're not going to have a tenant lovingly clean it with the special cleaner. They're going to burn sauce to it and try to scrape it off. Trust me. If you have to go electric go coil. If it's a higher end home I prefer gas.


Glass tops don't retain the beautiful shine they start out with due to stains, scratches and liquids spilling under the glass.

Beauty is fleeting.

I appreciate all the input! It's looking like coil top is the way to go. 

Definitely coil for a rental.  Much harder to break and much easier to fix.  

agree - coil. we have a few units where the previous owner put in glass top and all of them scratched up. 

I'll be the outlier and vote glass. Other than total negligence - dropping something heavy on the top that breaks it - the glass top stoves are hard to destroy. Coil stoves always have people spilling crap inside them, the plugs go bad, the coils go bad. My last smooth top stove lasted 10 years every day in my house and now is going strong 1 year + in a rental. I have a smooth top in another rental and it still looks good. Tip: get a top that has a pattern on it - scratches won't show up as well. 

Glass top.  Coils are much harder to clean.

I prefer glass top.  It's a little extra for a big impression for your renters.  Position your units higher, get better tenants, and more rent.  

The biggest drawback with a smooth-top range in a rental is that your tenant needs to have good cookware (thick bottoms, stable shape).  Thin gauge aluminium or steel cookware warps with use is more likely to rock (and spill) on a smooth top range. 

Unless you are renting to a tenant class where you expect them to have Paderno or Chaudiere cookware, a coil top range will be far easier for both you and the tenant.

Coil; and not only that, but get one where the burners are hardwired, rather than plugged. Withstands higher cooking temps better. Some of my renters need a plug repair every few months - or *did*, until I got the hardwired unit. 

For your average working class rental--hard to beat coil in my view (you can replace the pans, coils, etc). I would buy the most durable, sturdy and simple model. Tenants do some odd things... and treat these like, well, rentals... I have some 1990's era stoves (even a 1980s or two) still doing fine... 

Not to be too wishy washy, I think a higher end rental (like a sf or condo at near top of market in upper/upper middle class neighborhood) might be ok with a glass top or simply a higher end stove. But I have seen these cracked and get some abuse. Also, if  I was selling in 1-3 years, I'd go higher end matching and hope for the best.....

I've sold appliances for over 45 years & been a landlord for 40+

I advise my clients based on the quality & rent they charge.

Under $1400 month go coil.........over $1400 glass because in that price range people expect more

If you're going coil the best is either Hotpoint or GE (same company) for performance & durability because of the coil terminal ends & receiving block.

Thanks for all the replies! I ended up going with a coil top. The house is in a "B" area, so I could've gone either way, but after seeing a few friend's glass-tops (who rent) and how beat up the top looked, I decided coil top was the way to go. 

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