Landlord Insurance Recommendation North Carolina

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I have a property near Winston-Salem, NC that I previously occupied.  I am in the process of renting it out, but I'm trying to locate a good insurance company/broker/etc and not sure exactly the best way to approach this. 

Can anyone recommend a company or insurance broker in the area?

Hey @William Stubbs , I work with a terrific insurance broker here in Winston and would be happy to pass along his contact information.  Shoot me an email.

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We recently researched this for Raleigh, NC and settled on Foremost.   They were the least expensive for what we were looking for and had the added bonus of issuing vacant policies that actually will cover break-ins, which is how we found them.  We had a turnover with a bad tenant that ran over our landlord policy vacant period allowance, and most of the companies that would issue a vacant policy would not cover break-ins, which is why I wanted the policy to begin with, and while they had a 2-month minimum charge for that policy, they prorated it when we switched to their regular landlord policy 3 weeks later.   

@Charlie McCurry . Thanks for the response, I've sent a colleague request ( I think that's what i need to message you).

@Lynn M. , I've requested an agent to contact me. Thanks for the advice!

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