If a tree falls and no one is around to hear it.....

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Yes we had a tree issue...a large pine tree fell on my BF truck. Insurance is coming out today to evaluate the damage.

Its just one more thing to put in the back of my mind as a landlord, what is covered for fallen trees? Will homeowners insurance cover it? How does tree removal get paid? Homeowners or their auto?

From what I gather, if is not negligence, (rotten dead tree ready to fall) then homeowners will pay for some or maybe all of removal.

We are still going through the process, but it is an issue I thought I should bring up as it is something that doesn't happen often, but when it does, how do we deal with it?

Like me not having sewer back up until I saw it discussed on BP. I called my insurance and found out I had to ask for it!!  I added it that day.

Food for thought!

@Mary lou L. Review your policy, and look for the term "acts of god." If a tree falling is not specifically mentioned, then it may fall under an "acts of god" clause. Although also keep in mind what cause the tree to fall. Was it caused by a tornado, a hurricane etc....then it would subject to those provisions of the policy.

Update with a pic. His truck was deemed a total loss..

With the drought here in California, I think there will be many more of these...

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