Atlanta Property Manager Recommendation?

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Out of curiosity... does anyone know of any (good) property managers in Atlanta? Ideally said property manager would be more of an individual who does it on the side versus a property management company. Like a real estate agent who does some PM work in addition to his usual agent work?

If you do have an incredible recommendation for a property management company, I'll take that too, but unless they are insanely awesome I'm looking more for individuals.

hi Ali,

I do exactly what you are mentioning. My primary focus is flipping houses but on the side I help investers find and manage rentals. Im a licensed realtor but I'm not a management company.  I'm currently managing about 10 properties so I have room to add a few more.  I've been managing my own rentals for the last 10 years and I've been working with clients for the last three. I'm more than happy to help. Feel free to reach out.

Thanks, Jason 

@Jason Hern

Ooh! I'll send you a PM. Thanks for responding!

@Ali Boone

Have you found a property manager that you are happy with?  I think I'm ready to make a switch if I can find a good one.

@Ali Boone and @Michael Powers - You should connect with @James Park .  He works with a lot of investors and has been working on creating a property management angle in his business.

@Dawn Brenengen,

Thanks for the mention. I cover the Northern Atlanta region : Alpharetta, Suwanee, Johns Creek, Duluth, Forsyth County, North Fulton, & North Gwinnett. 

Any properties closer to the city, I would recommend reaching out to @Azeez Khan.

Hi Guys, I'd like the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.   Platinum Properties is a medium size company that only specializes in managing residential rental properties in and around Atlanta since 2007.   Our goal is not to be the biggest or the fastest growing company in Atlanta, we focus on the service.

We currently manage over 400 properties and have the staff, resources, and systems in place to take care of our clients very well.  


Phil Earley

@Ali Boone  check out @Daniel Cardona  I have been working with Daniel and his team for the past few years. They are very knowledgeable on property management, pretty much a one stop shop. They can handle anything from Acquired, Rehab, Manage and Disposition. Great firm to deal with. Good luck!


Andy Wu 

@Ali Boone (how does this inviting function works?)

Just curious. Why do you prefer an individual who does a PM on the side versus a professional management company.  I always thought that a professional management company would be better at managing properties because they tend to be have a team of property managers, more organized and more committed to the property managing business.


Thanks everyone for the recommendations!

@Naga A.

That sounds right in theory, but in my experience having more people working for you makes it more confusing. I have a harder time getting answers, a harder time communicating easily, the statements never make sense to me, and it's just lacking a personal touch. The personal touch for me is the part that gives me a sense of trust and knowing that my property is being taken care of....(when the PM cares about me as a person, they are more likely to care about my properties and doing well with my theory (very much so unproven but it feels good!)). There is no personal touch or feeling of trust in me with the big companies. But lack of communication is the deal-breaker for me with them.

@Ali Boone

That is very interesting because that is what I felt frustrated when I was working with a big property management company.  May be I should change my mindset.  Let me know if you find a good property manager.


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