Maintenance costs are for real!

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So this last week one of my tenant's called from the building my wife and I just closed on three months ago. The kitchen sink wasn't draining, so I headed over like a good landlord. I started taking the p trap off, and then the galvanized pipe broke in the wall... awesome...

One call to a contact from the local REIA to get a handy man/plumber, and $290 later the sink is back in operation.

Lesson learned! Operating costs happen, and you can't fix everything yourself!

Ooh.  Been there @John Warren !  I just whip out the old hole saw, gain access and grab a rubber coupler or nut it together.  I patch the under the sink whole with vinyl or something easy.  Insulate it while you're there and just vinyl the whole back.  More water-proof anyway!  Jury-rigging will come with time.

I just paid a plumber $351 yesterday to retro-install a backflow check valve on a sewer line, so I'm not against paying a pro when necessary, but seems like everybody prefers to just sit back and stroke big checks these days.     Don't give up on trying things yourself! Us DIYer's are a dyeing breed!

You probably could of used a small snake to clear the drain. Also there is this product called thrift you use it with hot water and it works most of the time.

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