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I have tenants in one of my homes that have been evicted buy I know now based on 2 prior evictions and talking to their landlords of the past the tenants are not going to move until moving day.  I'm sure because they have no where to go and I have t9 hire the labor to move their cap out, which is stupid.

Just curious as to anyone experiences with these situations as I have been lucky to not have evicted anyone yet since I started way back when.  Any pitfalls or problems or potential problems I need to look for?  Obviously the bailiff will be there who is a police officer/former police officer who also says he's known the evicted tenant since they were young lol. I'm not sure if that can wrk against me.  Also I am in Ohio do I have to treat their stuff in any certain way I mean if I have their clothes in my hands do I have to be delicate or can I just throw them (I know it's vindictive but they owe me ($3000+) and why am I moving them out(rhetorical question).. Anyone had any conflicts ie tenant saying do this or do that I mean I'm not listening to a tenant who has been screwing g me over for months tell me how to handle his/her stuff that they should have moved months ago...


I have gone through two evictions early in my RE efforts. I had raw emotions like you but have learned to cool them. 

Treat it like a business. The emotions only harm yourself. They do no good. 

Your state landlord-tenant law will probably have some clear language of how and what you can dispose of and what you have to store for them in a reasonably secure place.  

I'd consult that and the attorney that helped you evict if you had one.  This is very state-specific law.  I've had to hold on to evicted tenants cigarette smoke-filled crap before so I feel where you're coming from @Benjamin Mueller .  Is this worth the $50 minimum or can I toss it? How can I serve them notice of sale if I can't find them?  Ugh.  Screen, screen, screen!

Just remember that the evicted tenants are likely not going to ever amount to anything. You are going to be successful in your business.  

"The best revenge is massive success." - Frank Sinatra

It depends. What does your lease have any provisions regarding abandoned property? If what's behind is clearly trash you can dispose of it and charge them a clean up fee ( I'm assuming you filed a second cause money action)

Hopefully they take it all but who knows there are always weird things I read happening on here and other sites..  Still just blows my mind that not only can a tenant stay in one's house and not be forced immediately from the home.. I mean don't worry about the landlord that is losing money and could potentially lose their investment because of some I'll intentioned tenant.... O and let's make sure the landlord has to put more money out to help the person stealing from them move...

Originally posted by @Amanda Davis :
It depends. What does your lease have any provisions regarding abandoned property? If what's behind is clearly trash you can dispose of it and charge them a clean up fee ( I'm assuming you filed a second cause money action)

I'm assuming based on what the other landlords said they will be there during move out day so not sure how that will go or the idea of abandoned property. I'm guessing they will take it all.  Can u get them for littering if they leave their stuff on my front yard??  It was the only screening I have done with my cell phone and didn't realize I could scroll down as they had a bunch of court appearances but none to crazy serious. Then when I got curious I checked online a few months later after a few strange occurrences and latest and low and behold found 2 evictions within the last year.. I realized quickly I screwed up.. 

I doubt you will get a littering charge against them.  You may be able to get a clean up fee.

Which court are you in? Are you in Lorain Municipal? I see you're from Amherst

I can't spell. I meant elyria municipal.. All my houses so far are in Elyria all on the east side near the newer Jimmy Johns, Super Walmart, Chestnut Commons area.  It is definitely a mecca for renting over that ways. If I actually marketed the houses I would probably get 15-20 every day trying to rent. I get 5-8 calling now and that's overwhelming as it is since I don't have infinite free time. I see you are in the Elyria area as well!

Yes I'm am and I have done housing law in all the courts in Lorain County for several years now

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