Stupid things TENANTS say or complain about

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I have a decent single truck driver as a tenant . His girlfriend calls about a clogged toilet . On the holiday weekend .  The tenant is on the road and the girlfriend is "watching " the place .  I tell her I am out of town for the holiday , Try a plunger and if that doesnt work go home and use your bathroom. No, she wants a plumber . I tell her thats on her dime .  "Why should I pay , the wipes say you can flush them "      

So I tell her that the lease says that clogs caused by the tenant are the tenants responsibility .

Her reply  "  nobody ever reads the lease " 

I called the tenant , he told her to go home , and if he cant clear it , he will pay to snake it . 

@Matthew Paul


     It's stories like this one that make people never want to be a landlord. Thankfully, this doesn't happen everyday, but it is a reminder of how tenants view landlords. Thanks for the story!


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anything a tenant complains about when they are past due on rent is stupid in my book....  

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