French doors vs sliding glass doors

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BP community,

I'm in the middle of another rehab.  The patio door is busted and needs replacing.  I'm tempted to replace it with new french doors.  Any thoughts on what is trending in your markets between the two types of patio doors...sliding or french doors?  Or in other words, which type of patio door is more aesthetically pleasing in your markets?

I personally hate sliding glass doors. Not a clean look for me. Just my preference.

@Kyle Penland

Thanks for your thoughts.  It helps me out a lot.    

There are more outlying factors than just aesthetics, make sure that a french door would have any interference with anything else. Having said that look at the market and what it dictates in the immediate area. In Florida we constantly use sliders and that is definitely my preference when it comes to cost and longevity.

Sliders are by far the less expensive, and tenants have bad habits with swinging doors in my experience.  My duplex has sliders and the tenants like them, especially since they have two young children.  Doors are too easy to open.

Also, if you have sliders, then you may want to look at how the hinges will be placed if you go with French. I had a SFR that had French doors where the hinges were on the outside rather than inside. They had replaced a slider, and didn't want to go to the expense of rebuilding the frame for internal hinges for the French doors. So they just attached them incorrectly. The problem with that is that anyone can pop the hinge pin quickly from the outside without too much effort. Security is important if you're going to convert.

@Carlos Enriquez

Nice post! It will be a SFR and I didn't think about tenants habits with french doors. I'm gonna go with a slider. Thanks again!

@Parker Detweiler

Thanks for the post! This will be a SFR and tenant habits slipped my mind. I'm going with a slider.

I would stick with sliders for all of the reasons listed plus because the door swishes you lose room on the patio or in the inside of the home. The swing radius does allow you to put furniture there. Sliders are the best for rooms that have space constraints 

In my experience I would go with sliders.

Less space

Tighter weather seal (my existing french doors do not seal well unless locked with deadbolt)

However, french doors are more aesthetically pleasing.

Originally posted by @Robert M. :

In my experience I would go with sliders.

Less space

Tighter weather seal (my existing french doors do not seal well unless locked with deadbolt)

However, french doors are more aesthetically pleasing.

 Exactly. Sliding door = more practical, French door = more appealing. Renters usually prefer practical over appealing in my experience. 

Adam B.  

Thanks for your thoughts and post.  I'm going with the slider. :)

Bolthouse homes has used both types depending on the feel of the home but I personally prefer a sliding door. 

@Kevin McNeely - if you keep the sliding door, be aware of the Texas property code for sliding glass doors: requires either a handle latch where the door closes OR a security bar; AND it requires a pin lock (mounted on the frame on the side opposite the handle).

And be darn careful putting the pinlock in...we had a glass door explode on us when drill met glass...we now have a French door in its place (goes better with the finish out anyhow, oh well)


I would go with French doors in a sub zero climate such as northwest pa.  Obviously, you are from Texas so I assume the property is too.  However, my point is that, in my experience,  French doors are better insulated than all glass sliders.  

@Andy W.

Thanks for the info on TX code.  I learn something new every day on BP.

@Account Closed

Nice picture!

@Account Closed

At Home Depot in Killeen, entry level sliders and French doors are both in the $275-300 range.  French doors are my preference

I'm with @Greg H. - from my experience with Killeen area buyers, depending on the price tier of the home, French doors are much preferred over sliders.  I'd go French if you can swing it.

@Brian Adams , @Greg H. , @Daniel Mohnkern

Thanks guys for the your thoughts/inputs...hmmm, you guys have given me a lot to consider.  I'm going to meditate on all this stuff and eventually come to a decision.  Right now, I'm just gathering bids so I still have some time.

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Selling? French doors. Prettier. 

Renting? Slider. More practical. 

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