Bad tenants - Is there a website to warn other landlords

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I have a question I would like to ask.

I have been wondering, I am currently going through an eviction with a tenant and this tenant knows how to work the system. I am assuming this person has been through it before.

I would like to be able to warn others about this person and did not know if there is a website that could do this. (Legal?) I don't know if you can list names of people who work the system and try to live at places for free. Until the sheriff comes to move them out!!!

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I have heard of these "professional renters" that seem great until you put them in your unit. They know exactly how to work the system for the maximum amount of free rent.

The best system out there is the judicial system where the eviction goes on their permanent record for all to see later.

This is why you have to do your homework before renting and run the background checks prior to renting. Theoretically, if you run the background check you will see the prior evictions. Also, you can ask for the last TWO landlords and then call the 2nd previous one. They will tell you the truth. If you just rely on the current landlord for information they could be lying to you just to get the renter out of THEIR hair.

These parasites can pop up anywhere.

One of the things I used to do back when I had rentals was to use "screeingg" clauses in my lease. I would write in clauses that had the tenant waiving their rights to notices, waiving their right to their "exempt" personal property that could be attached, etc. Each of these clauses had a separate spot for tenants to initial.

If the tenant pointed out that such clauses were illegal under such and such a part of the Texas Real Property Code, or the Texas Landlord/Tenant law, or that the "People's Lawyer" on Channel Two said it was illega, I KNEW that this guy got familiar with the law at the expense of some "sucker" landlord.

From 1980 until 2000, I had between two and 16 rentals. In all that time I did THREE EVICTIONS, and one of those moved out before the hearing. Not a bad batting average.

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Nope, because when it came down to it, I just used the Texas Realtor's Commission (promulgated) form. On the evictions, all were for non-payment of rent. In that case the Justice of The Peace has just one question; "Did you pay?" Answer, NO, "finding for the plaintiff".

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