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Hello, I need some advise on how to handle a new move in tenant. Our firm recently moved in a new tenant, and since they moved in it's been one issue after another. We recently had a request to replace the carpets, due to flees that was discovered, we sent out an extermination company to address the flees, and they still want to carpets replaced. The spouse is pregnant and wants to be sure she won't have any complications. The previous tenants had several pets without notifying us which is causing the problem. We really need some advise on how to proceed.    Thanks

@Phillip Auguste Seems like your only option is to replace the carpets... The extermination company requested it and with a pregnant tenant I would not take any chances..

What did the extermination company say about the carpet? If the extermination company said they got all the fleas, I would tell the tenant the problem was resolved in a timely manner and no further action will be taken on your part. Pests are just that pests and a fact of life we all have to deal with. If they still want the carpet replaced take them samples you approve of and let them know what it will cost them to replace the carpet. What have the other issues been?

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