Need help evicting family member in NJ

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I own a home that I was living in for a month when my cousin sold her home and I offered to have her stay in my house and pay me rent, I never signed a lease  I moved out of the house in 2013 and she has been paying all the bills that are still in my name. This month she has not paid me rent and doesn't plan to.. Please help how can I get her out of my house. again I have no lease all the bills are still in my name and I live in NJ   

This is why you don't do business with friends or family unless you are ok with losing that relationship or the money. unfortunately you are in a position where the only thing to do is to evict, otherwise you are just going to keep paying for her to live there for free.

First, I would try to remedy the situation without resorting to sending official eviction notices. If she refuses to pay the rent, then she needs to understand that she must move out. See how she responds to that. If she agrees to a date, then type up a kind letter summarizing the conversation and send it to her - just as a memory aid "since we all tend to forget conversations." If she does not move by then, well it would be time to take a more severe approach. 

You would be considered on a month-to-month basis legally speaking. You need to find out the eviction laws for the location of the house. Typically they require 30 days after providing written notice using a state approved form. If the 30 days pass, you can then have the sheriff evict them. But I hope that it does not come down to that. 

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